Instant Dry Yeast – Gloripan

Instant Dry Yeast by Gloripan is a versatile ingredient for the bakery and brewery industry with small granules that absorb liquid instantly without rehydrating. IDY increases nutrition and flavour of fermented products and shortens fermentation time.

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Product Details

Instant Dry Yeast (IDY) by Gloripan is a must-have ingredient for the bakery and brewery industry. This high-quality yeast is characterised by its free-flowing, yellowish-brown coloured rods with a characteristic yeast smell. The small granules of IDY absorb liquid instantly, eliminating the need for rehydrating or proofing before mixing it into the flour.

Characteristic Features:

  • Small granules that absorb liquid instantly
  • Does not require rehydrating or proofing
  • Increases the nutrition and flavour of fermented products
  • Enhances production capacity and shortens dough fermentation time
  • Widely used in the bakery and brewery industry
  • Aids in good digestive health and helps absorb vitamins and minerals from food

Added Benefits:

  • Extremely stable; can be frozen for several years
  • Consistent behaviour over time
  • Good temperature tolerance (54 degree Celsius).
  • Adequate for cold-proofed dough
  • Suitable for recipes that require more than one rise

More Details :

Product Name: Gloripan Instant Dry Yeast
Product Application: Bakery, Confectionary, Brewery
Starting Material: Saccharomyces cerevisiae (Yeast strains)
Processing Method: Fermentation
Shelf life: 24 Months from packaging
Storage Conditions: Keep in Cool and Dry Conditions
Origin: China
Nature: Natural
Benefits Offered: Natural, keto-friendly, zero-carbs, zero fat
Certifications: ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO22000 Food Safety Management System
Appearance: Powder (Granules)


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